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Who: Vincent & Kit
When: Sept. 16th
Where: Green Valley School
What: Apparently some people take offense to others sleeping on benches.

'we're all out of cornflakes. f.u.' )
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Tatsuya Suou ⚔ Sabnock
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How do you get rid of cats sneaking into your bakery?

[If Katsuya was here, he'd have a field day. These things can't be contracted and talks about manliness are fruitless. Tatsuya is just completely frustrated and about to give up. This cat infestation is the worst.]

Hiatus end

Sep. 13th, 2017 09:24 pm
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Akino again. We made it through the hurricane okay, and now I'm able to go back to tagging. Thanks, everyone, for all the well-wishes and patience.
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Gladion ⚔ Camio
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I thought I should tell you guys it's possible to unawaken. My "dad" was one of us, but for the past week he hasn't been acting like it. He's back to being convinced I'm really his son and doesn't even see the app anymore. I don't know what happened, but I can't snap him out of it.

Have you seen anyone else just suddenly forget everything again?
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Hello everyone! You will all be glad to know that since the Mod Search started, helper mods have finally been chosen!

Helper Mod introduction and bonus info )
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