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Ken’s mother’s death:

+ Nine year old Ken hearing noises, waking up and heading into the other room to see Castor killing his mother; screaming, crying, etc.
+ It goes dark and transitions into him trying to explain to the officers though they don’t believe him
+ Ken running down the street with a backpack on his back, curling up in an alley and crying
+ Fall leads to winter and Ken huddling in an abandoned building
+ Shadows during the Dark Hour, fighting them off with a pipe and broken glass
+ Seeing a glimpse of Shinji at the far end of a street
+ Ikutsuki trying to convince him that he has a special power and he should let him help; Ken says he’ll think about it and there’s a sense of ‘yeah no’
Themes: Desperation, hopelessness, determination, revenge, loss of family, abandonment

Strega dying:
Basically this shit again.
Themes: Loss of family, futility, inevitability of death

Happy family:
+ Ken is older and is walking through the halls of a university. There’s fliers on the boards and from the number of them advertising legal things it’s clear it’s a law school.
+ It transitions into a scene of Ken getting his degree during his university graduation
+ There’s a scene of Ken falling asleep with a law book on his face because he’s a dork
+ And now have a scene of Ken slamming a prosecutor’s bench and standing up to object (also he looks good in a suit)
+ Ken and a woman are walking through the halls of a building - and from the sheer number of kids around it’s clear it’s an orphanage. He spots a little boy hiding in a corner, and he heads closer before kneeling, speaking softly to him.
Themes: Peace, calm, hope, future generations, justice

Nemesis goes berserk:

+ Ken is fighting a Shadow and is clearly losing
+ Nemesis summons herself; Ken is screaming in pain
+ She tears apart the Shadow; Ken gets tossed aside
+ Nemesis starts rampaging and tearing Shadows apart
+ She starts prying open coffins and killing the people inside

Themes: Loss of control, loss of sanity, loss of justice, pain, fear


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