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Player Information

Name: Matt
Personal Journal: [personal profile] atrypical
Age: 22
Contact Info: AIM: demony0uko, Plurk: atrypical
Other Characters Played: N/A (apping John Perry)
Do you need an invite? No.

Character Information

Character Name: Ken Amada
Character Series: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Character Age: 11
Character Gender: Male

Alternate Universe
Canon Point: 10/5
Background Link:
Persona 3
Ken's info
Char writes better AU info than I do
AU Background:

Ken spent his early years with his mother, after his father ran off shortly before he was born. They were happy days… and then his mother was killed in a terrible accident. Ken tried to explain to the police about the 'monster' that had murdered his mother and the face of the boy responsible, but they didn't listen. Rather than go through the process of trying to find relatives that clearly didn't care to take him in, or be put in a children's home, Ken ran away.

It took a long time for him to track down who it was who killed her, and it was tough living on his own for a while. He stole as little as he could, and used his natural awkward charm to get food or money off of people. Finally he found out the name of the boy who killed her - Shinjiro Aragaki. He made his way out to Tatsumi Port Island again, where he waited. He would kill him in revenge for his mother's death, and then kill himself because he had no other option or future.

A man named Shuji Ikutsuki found him, telling him that he had a special power - one that Shinjiro also had. He suggested he join a group called SEES, for special people like him. Ken wasn't so sure about it, but he told him that he would think about it. While he was trying to form a plan, a group named Strega found him. They told him that SEES had good intentions but what they were doing was hurting people and that they were under the control of an evil company, and as proof that he could fight against them, showed him how to summon his Persona.

Ken agreed to go with them rather than Ikutsuki. He didn't follow Strega out on their more… unsavory business… but he knew that it existed. But he also knew that sometimes you had to do 'bad' things to survive, even if you'd pay for it later. He was uneasy with it, but the rest of the group tried to distract him from most of the dirty jobs. When Koromaru was taken in by them, Ken took it upon himself to spend time with him and take care of him. He knew he was a member of the group as well, but to Ken Koromaru is more his dog than anyone else's, if someone who fights by your side can really be 'owned'.

On an October night, when Strega headed out to try to stop SEES from defeating yet another giant Shadow, Ken ditched the mission to track down Shinjiro. He was touched by the gestures from Strega, but he couldn't lose sight of why he came back. Catching Shinjiro alone, he confronted him and tried to attack him - but Takaya, a former member of Strega, shot Shinjiro before Ken could attack him. Ken fell to his knees, upset and confused at both what had just happened and what Shinjiro was trying to say to him, and Minato took him away.
Personality: The first thing someone might notice about Ken is his short stature - which, unfortunately, is something that Ken hates. He acts older than his age as a result, trying to act like an adult as much as he can and prove to people that he should be taken seriously despite his age. He doesn't like being doubted, because when his mother was attacked, no one would believe that she was killed by a Persona, though he didn't know what it was at the time.

His mother's death affected him deeply, and his initial Persona reflects his reaction to that event - Nemesis. Ken holds grudges, and does what he can to pay people back for what happens to him if it's bad. The fact that Strega has a site dealing with grudges and revenge is kind of funny to him… though it's also sad that there are people who just can't pay for their actions without getting someone else involved.

Around most people, he comes off as a rather shy person, someone who acts well beyond his age. He doesn't really like to be involved with or at least be seen enjoying childish things, because he wants people to take him seriously so badly that he thinks people will think badly about his credibility if he's seen acting childish. He has a strong sense of right and wrong… it just might not always follow exactly what other people think that sense should be. He knows that people - including himself - sometimes have to do what's commonly seen as 'wrong', but he expects that he'll pay for what he's done by killing himself.

Ken fights with a spear to make up for his shortness, and drinks milk to try to get himself to grow taller (so much so that he gets sick from drinking so much milk). He also drinks coffee because that's what adults do. Secretly, he loves the show Featherman R and collects the figures when he can get the money.

+ He's very skilled with a spear, to the point where he can smack the blunt end against the ground and swing around it.
+ He's very athletic for his age - he's fast and can dodge things without a ton of trouble.


+ He can summon Nemesis with his Evoker.
+ Nemesis blocks Light attacks.
+ Nemesis has the following skills:
Hama - 25% chance of instant death from the power of Light.
Cruel Attack - Inflicts a moderate amount of Pierce damage with even greater power if the target is knocked "Down".
Zionga - Inflicts a moderate amount of Electrical damage.
Diarama - Recovers a moderate amount of HP. Can be used in the field.

Nemesis also has several other skills he has not leveled up enough to get yet.
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