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March 6

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[At some point in the afternoon, a mysterious package is left outside Ken's door, without knock or notice. It's wrapped in plain, brown paper, in stark contrast to the colorful orange ribbons typing everything together. The ribbons culminate in an ornate bow fashioned on the top, and slid between it and the box a notecard can be found.

On the front of the notecard is a (poorly) hand-drawn picture, featuring what looks to be a stick figure Santa Claus and a sleigh of presents.

For some reason, the sleigh is drawn by dogs instead of reindeer.

Stopped at a fork in the road before a sign pointing in many directions, Stick Figure Claus scratches his head and staring at the sign with question marks surrounding his head. Did I make a wrong turn somewhere? his word bubble says, in neat and legible handwriting.

Beneath the drawing, a message is printed in bold letters.


[Inside the package, Ken will find... Well, it's a bit hard to describe, but upon close inspection it looks to be a compass. The design is odd: made as much from glass as it is shaped metal, it's a fragile item, but certainly one of a kind. Beneath it there is a note.]

It's been some time since I used one of these myself, and that was gifted to me rather than made from scratch, so the design is probably imperfect. This is a magic compass intended to point towards sources of magical energy.

In this castle where magic is all around, it's not as useful as it could be. You'll notice the needle spins wildly, for example. Put against the Queen's stronger magics, I imagine it will be able to focus better, but nevertheless this item will probably better suit you in another world, be it your home or my own, when you visit El Melloi and the Lancer servant you spoke of.

Don't throw this one away even if you go back there and gain access to a better one. After all the work I did making this, I'd be really mad.

[An angry devil face is drawn next to the end of that sentence. RARGH.]

—Rin Tohsaka


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