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White Rabbit [Alice Mare] The Rabbit seems more sensible than the Cat, but based on what they've
said to each other, they're both incredibly dangerous. Ken trusts the Rabbit
a bit more because he's not an outright jerk and because he has to in order
to have any hope of getting home - but that doesn't mean he trusts the
Rabbit to watch his back at all - especially now that the Rabbit's shown a
bit of his power.
Cheshire Cat [Alice Mare] Ken really does not like the Cat. He reminds him too much of the Admins in
the Tower - though at least some of them claimed to have a higher purpose
other than 'it amused me'. The Cat is dangerous and he knows it - anyone
that can steal something intangible like a name definitely needs at least a
little caution taken with them. Even so, Ken hopes to get the Cat to focus on
him rather than the others, because he's had worse and then maybe the Cat
will leave everyone else alone.
Harley Quinn [Batman: TAS] Ken thinks Harley is... interesting. She's definitely mentally unstable, but
that's not exactly a problem on its own. It's not like the groups he's hung out
with are paragons of stability. But he's definitely trying to be careful around
her, even if he has a feeling she might understand more than she lets on.
She has some problem with Lalli, for some reason he doesn't understand.
Zhang Liao [Dynasty Warriors 7] Ken and Liao haven't really spoken, but he seems to be pretty sensible.
Sasuke Sagami [Hakobune Hakusho] Ken doesn't know much about Sasuke yet. He seems to have some sort of
family-related issue, which is something Ken has both too much and not
enough experience with. He's trying not to pry too much, but he did tell
Sasuke a bit about the Tower, just to warn him. He's not sure yet if he can
count on Sasuke to push through, but he hopes so. They all need to get
Rahti [Original Character] Rahti was a bad dog.
Lalli Hotakainen [Stand Still, Stay Silent] Ken's not sure about Lalli. He comes from a world where there's no dogs
(which seems kind of insane) and the world seems to have been taken over
by some kind of killer... virus? A lot of people were wiped out, at least, but
it's weird, and reminds him of the force that destroyed worlds when they
were brought to the Tower. There's magic there, too, but he still doesn't
quite understand it. Lalli and Harley also seem to have issues with each
other, for some reason Ken doesn't understand.
Hajime Hinata/Kamukura Izuru [Super Dangan Ronpa 2] Hinata seemed like a nice person, someone actually sort of normal (except
for all of the murder around him). He was nice, friendly, and didn't treat
Ken like a little kid... and then Izuru showed up. Ken understands Izuru a
little bit - someone trapped, who wants to lash out and see what happens
and destroy the people responsible... he gets that feeling. But he's working
to help stabilize the two, maybe act as a mediator between the two of them,
because he's not giving Hinata up without a fight.
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